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Who are the heroes?


Very creative, even when he sleeps. He’s a lover of new technologies and making impossible tasks possible.

He is very detail oriented. Sebastian’s artistic vision combined with his skills at problem solving makes him excel at coming up with new ideas with the speed of light. Always open to new ideas.


Sensitive to a beauty and art to which she devotes herself to entirely.

Quick and accurate to actualize your ideas.

Seven senses capable and quick decision maker.

She is an all-embracing empiricist.

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Our ideas?

We carefully listen to our clients to ensure we understand their individual needs to create oceans of media impression possibilities for ether small or large businesses.

We have years of experience in the world of advertising and we are excited to swim against the current to find creative ways to showcase each client successfully. Our entire team is an expert in their field.

We are globally recognized. Working experience in US and European market has given us a worldly view of the marketing and design landscape.

We have come so far, because we love challenges.

We share the same passions. We speak the same professional language, and we understand each other, sometimes without having to speak.

We follow these simple rules:
  • We listen to our clients and each other.
  • We create something out of nothing and we’re passionate about it.
  • We follow trends and we’re always updated.
  • We are meticulous to each detail to ensure our work is up to the highest level.
  • We are a well-knit team and hyper creative.
  • We are excited to get your calls.

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